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Where do the pickles come from?


A customer walked up to the pickle stand at the Carousel Farmers' Market in Asbury Park and asked "Where do your pickles come from?"  I told him they come from cucumbers, specifically kirbys which are small, crunchy cucumbers. The customer told me that he was asking where they come from, not what they come from.  


Ya got time for my story?

Jaker's Pickles got its start in the summer of 2007, when I got an email from the manager of the Woodbridge Farmers' Market.  He was asking if anyone knew a pickle vendor that could participate in the new market on Saturday mornings. The first thing that came to my mind was "I could do this", have some fun and bring pickled pleasure to the people of New Jersey.


​After giving some thought to making the pickles myself, I decided to take a trip to the Lower East Side of Manhattan to visit my friend Alan Kaufman, the most famous pickle man in the area and get his advice. Alan makes pickles on Essex St., the last pickle man left in the neighborhood that once was the pickle center of the New World and home to many Eastern European immigrants. After spending a few minutes with The Pickle Guys, I realized that I could never make pickles as well as Alan and his crew, so the decision was made to join forces and bring real Lower East Side Kosher pickles to the market in New Jersey.


 We focus on bringing the best pickles to a few select markets and festivals in New Jersey.  


There are other pickle vendors at many markets, some are selling factory made pickles, some are selling homemade pickles, but not one of them sell pickles as good as the real barrel cured Lower East Side Kosher pickles made with all natural ingredients.  Just salt brine, spices and garlic, no artificial colors or preservatives are used in this Eastern European pickling process. But don't take my word for it, ask any loyal Jaker's Pickle customer or better yet, stop by the stand for a free sample.  Most customers claim they are the best pickles they ever ate!!!!


Don't forget to feel the burn with Mazi Piri-Piri Sauce

Jaker's Pickles will be selling this award winning hot sauce made in Asbury Park by my good friends Peter Mantas and Leslie Feingold.  The flavor of this slow burning sauce is a level above any other hot sauce.  If you are a hot sauce fanatic, the search is over, just click on the banner below to visit the website and learn more.

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